Entry requirements:

1.A color photo or scanned copy of the company’s business license (high-definition and complete, no missing corners or edges of the photo);

2.Color photo of legal person ID (front and back in the same document);

3.Payment credit card (domestic dual-currency credit card, VISA is preferred; you must confirm that the payment function in the currency of the country of sale is activated, for example, you must use a credit card that can pay US dollars to open the US station);

4.Receiving account number (overseas bank account or third-party collection such as Lianlian, iPayLinks, Oneway, PingPong, World First, Payoneer, etc.)。


Service highlights:

In 2021, the official investment promotion of Amazon's global store opens, and you can enjoy exclusive benefits

a.Win 2021        Group members will receive the registration link first;

b.Green channel     The group releases the green channel in advance

c.Official manager   On duty in the official manager group, answer questions online;

d.Preheating        The latest consultation on store opening in 2021, store FAQ;

e.Official live      The investment manager regularly broadcasts the official live broadcast to learn about the latest policies.

Consultant QR code:

Amazon agent operation