List of cross-border coaching services

Provide long-term online and offline guidance and follow-up for customers with existing teams to achieve continuous and effective learning.

Preliminary preparation

Data preparation

Prepare the materials needed to apply for an account, connect with the investment manager to open a store to support the green channel

Apply for an account

Familiar with Amazon policies, reduce account review risks, and quickly apply for an account

Classification review

Some categories that need approval, provide advice and guidance

cyber security

Provide professional technical IT department support to avoid account login risks

Receiving account

Collection channels such as Worldfirst, Payoneer, PingPong, etc.

Practical skills

Background operation

Amazon front-end buyers' buying habits and A9 algorithm

Detailed explanation of various settings in Amazon account backend

Product category attribution and upload on Amazon

How to attract customers visually, Amazon image considerations

Buyer feedback

Analyze the functions, classifications and weights of Review, Feedback, Q&A

Quickly and effectively increase the weight of products, giving customers a more effective choice

How to remove bad reviews

Buyers' consumption habits, how should customer service handle customer complaints


FBA model and advantage analysis

FBA fees and standards

How to set up FBA and precautions for closing positions

FBA replenishment formula

Logistics selection and stocking cycle


Precautions and advantages and disadvantages of self-delivery

How to create an FBA order to ship to customers


Types and charges of on-site advertising

Automatic manual advertising method and optimization method

Control the flow entrance to maximize benefits

Advertising type, cpc, ams, amg


Promotion classification and setting method

How to effectively apply various promotions


Detailed product research from buyer consumption to the source of the end product

Cost accounting, preliminary pricing

Analyze competitors and position themselves well

Make a good product plan, reasonably customize the production and stocking cycle

Develop a product creation plan to maximize profits

Collect data and use analysis data efficiently

Marketing skills

How to improve ranking and sales

How to obtain accurate traffic and increase the conversion rate and the necessary factors

Analyze background data, optimize links and advertising data

How to optimize listing

How to analyze advertising reports and what data to analyze

Analysis of flow inlet