Amazon store agent operation details

Global shop

Account registration

The investment promotion manager supports the green channel for opening stores: North America station (U.S., Mexico, Canada); European station (English, German, French, Italian, and Western); Japan station. Australia Station

cyber security

Provide professional technical IT department support to avoid account login risks

Receiving account

Worldfirst、Payoneer、PingPong Waiting for payment channels

Account review

Familiar with Amazon policies, reduce the risk of account review, and apply for an account faster

Classification review

Submit an application for a specific category of Amazon, and quickly open sales permissions (requires category review details)

Site building service

Product research

Assist in researching the market size, pricing range, profit margin, competition intensity, function comparison, negative review summary, etc. of similar products on the Amazon platform

Product Positioning

Product market segment analysis, clarify product positioning, formulate initial price strategy and delivery plan recommendations

Product Image

Provide professional products that meet Amazon standard product mapping requirements and optimization, with pictures and texts, and let the pictures speak

Product photography

Provide paid product shooting services, pictures and shooting that meet Amazon requirements (self-paid project 500 yuan / group / 7 photos)

Product title design

According to the buyer’s search habits, edit the title that can attract buyers’ attention and improve page conversion

Product selling point refinement

Refining the core competitiveness of products, selling points, differentiation, localization and translation, and highlighting the advantages of products more professionally

Keyword settings

Master various methods and techniques for searching keywords, select keywords with higher conversion, and increase product exposure

UPC/EAN code

It is recommended to buy UPC/EAN codes from the official Amazon website, and the brand registration does not require UPC

Listing on the shelf

The company provides detailed information and parameters of the product, and our company organizes and edits the product copy and translation

product check

According to Amazon review mechanism; quickly pass Amazon product review, such as FDA, dangerous goods review, etc.

Listing optimization

Tracking listing performance, targeted optimization of listing, increase exposure, and increase listing ranking and sales


Create shipping plan

Determine the packing details of the shipping SKU, create an FBA shipping plan in the background, and guide the company on how to label correctly

Label printing instructions

Download the product label, the outer box label, and paste it accordingly, so that the Amazon warehouse can scan the label and put it on the shelf.

Combining warehouse and sub-warehouse selection

Calculate the cost of combining warehouses and sub-warehouses, and choose the best inventory allocation method

Logistics distribution options

Prepare goods in advance, choose the most suitable logistics method, and reduce logistics costs

Follow-up of FBA shipments

FBA headway logistics information tracking, Amazon warehouse shipment check, inventory quantity difference investigation and processing

FBA storage performance maintenance

Familiar with FBA shipping policy to avoid account risks caused by various improper operations

FBA return report analysis

Regularly check the return situation, analyze the reasons and timely feedback, and put forward suggestions for improvement

Abnormal inventory handling

Dispose or remove unsaleable inventory in time to avoid long-term storage costs

Price regulation

Follow up the actual product headline and FBA specific costs, compare the prices of the market peers, optimize the price, and the price is competitive

Monthly storage fee control

Track inventory at any time and make adjustments to avoid high storage fees and save costs

Long-term storage fee control

Pay attention to the age of the inventory and dispose of the long-age inventory in advance to avoid high costs

Reasonable use of overseas warehouses

Provide overseas warehousing services to facilitate the turnover of goods and solve after-sales problems such as returns and exchanges (limited to North American stations, calculated based on actual costs)

Station operation

Amazon Customer Service

Provide high-quality customer service according to the communication habits of locals abroad

Inventory tracking

Track product inventory, forecast product sales, and accurately formulate FBA delivery plans based on customers’ stocking and logistics cycles

Safety stock settings

Forecast the sales growth trend in the next stage, combine the stocking cycle and delivery cycle, warehouse storage processing time, etc., to avoid out of stock

Periodic data analysis

Including: download analysis of sales reports, advertising reports, traffic reports, inventory reports, etc., and adjust related operation strategies

Competitor tracking

Tracking competitor’s listing and operational data, and continuously optimizing its own listing

Product category ranking tracking

Analyze category rankings, select the most suitable subcategories, and reduce category competition

Daily work feedback

Feedback on daily sales, daily advertising costs, inventory status, account status, and operation suggestions every working day

Monthly work summary

Monthly account sales data statistics, operation summary, next month's operation plan suggestions

Reasonable operation plan

Formulate a periodic promotion plan, complete the target in stages, grasp the best promotion time for the product, and formulate a reasonable promotion plan

Shop diagnosis

Analyze possible problems in the store based on data such as Session.PV. conversion rate, customer unit price, and improve timely and periodically perform store diagnosis

Create the main product

Analyze the sales of stores and Amazon similar items to create flagship products

Return and exchange processing

Professionally handle customer return and exchange requests, and propose a minimum seller loss solution

Handling of bad reviews

Professionally handle the negative reviews in the store, minimize the proportion of negative reviews, increase the positive rate of the store, and optimize the customer experience

Station drainage

Carry out effective CPC strategy in combination with the competitive market to increase the exposure of Listing

Advertising plan

For existing products, develop an advertising plan in line with product and account development

Keyword settings

Through the initial test of advertising effects, extract high-conversion keywords, increase product conversion rate, combine multiple advertising methods, and deliver in multiple dimensions


Analyze advertising data and various reports, adjust advertising plans in time, maximize the input-output ratio, and maximize advertising benefits

Site promotion settings

Reasonably set the type of product promotion combination to increase the overall ranking weight of the listing, and at the same time deal with the promotion methods of competitors

Associated promotion settings

Associated promotion settings, Coupon settings, stepped discounts, increase conversion rate

Platform activity application

Actively participate in large-scale platform activities such as seckill, Best Deal, Black Friday, and online shopping Monday to grasp the traffic dividend

Off-site promotion

Off-site social platform promotion

Instruct companies to post and promote themselves on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram social media

Deal website promotion

Partially conduct sales promotion on Deal websites, cooperate with the promotion plan to improve the sales performance of the store (some operations guide the company to do it by itself)

Safe operation

Product Review/QA

Regularly return visits to old customers to ask for good reviews, formulate a reasonable evaluation plan, increase the number of VP review/QA listing and improve the score

ODR control

Follow up product feedback and bad reviews in time, propose product improvement plans to your company, and reduce the order defect rate

Store performance maintenance

Track negative feedback from stores, buyer complaints, claims, and avoidance of credit card chargeback risks

New policy interpretation

Learn to interpret the latest policies and rules of the platform, and make timely adjustments on the operating side

KYC audit

Assist European customers to submit documents that meet the requirements and pass the KYC review more quickly

Prevent follow-up

Assist your company to build your own brand on the Amazon platform and effectively prevent follow-up sales

Account security risk control

Operate accounts in accordance with Amazon policies, avoid account association, infringement, malicious competition, policy violations, product authenticity complaints and other risks

Brand filing

Assist your company's brand to file on Amazon, and improve the product brand image on the premise of meeting Amazon's filing requirements

A+ page design

Select the appropriate template according to the product category, design the graphic interface and typeset copywriting content

Flagship store creation

Get exclusive Amazon links, create multiple pages to display products, set up mobile templates, import store search traffic

VAT tax number

Guide and assist customers with VAT tax number registration to avoid VAT tax causing store problems

Brand trademark registration

Guide the registration of trademarks in North America, Europe, and Japan, realize global brand operation, and recommend brand registration partners

Store project data summary

Phased, according to the growth of the account, the operation manager and director will participate in the analysis and adjustment of the store operation plan

Quarterly annual data analysis

Quarterly, annual, multi-time data summary analysis, timely revision of the store direction, adapt to the development of the enterprise

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