China Zoomstar Amazon agent operation

2021-03-02 14:09:19 45

Amazon agent operation:Provide professional product operation plans and programs, relying on the million-dollar-level operation traders and teams, and provide customers with high-quality and efficient operation methods with mature product operation methods.


Amazon guidance:We have professional operators who have been engaged in the cross-border domestic e-commerce industry for more than four years, provide tailor-made operation empowerment training programs for customers in various industries, and are committed to cultivating high-quality and efficient operation teams for customers.


Overseas warehouse:Provide customers with cargo turnover, return of warehouses and exchange of labels, product testing, etc.


Amazon Business School:


Teach it to fish:The heuristic education that reverses the training method from the learning results allows you to learn and apply, think and solve problems independently after the class.


Make it simpleSimplify complex content and standardize simple content so that memory is no longer difficult.


EntertainingThe well-designed interactive teaching allows your colleagues who are breaking orders to reflect the value of the brand.