Successful Cases of Amazon's Operation of Beauty Products

2021-03-02 14:09:59 181

Store background::

A nail art shop on Amazon, but the traditional operation method cannot guide the shop to develop in a better direction, and the shop does not have a professional e-commerce team and lacks refined operation management

Operation strategy::

After Zoomstar took over the store, he began to analyze the audience market and made a new operation plan for store drainage.

a. Choose the product to be positioned as a female crowd, and choose women to cooperate with the product as the main push map, so that the audience has a sense of substitution.

b. Through a series of market researches, both in the beauty category, selected a "3CE lipstick" as the main product to enter the market.

c. We use a solid color as the background to highlight the product + discount information, which is visually differentiated from similar products, creates a focus, and then cooperates with the display of store activity information to stand out.

Operational effect: :

Effect of the first round of promotion After a period of operation and promotion, a comparison chart of store drainage data.

The second round of promotion effect: After just a few months of operation and promotion, the monthly sales difference of the store was 20W, and the monthly sales before the operation was 8200 and the monthly sales after the operation were nearly 21W.

The above case description is only a general explanation of the store operation. The store operation situation is complicated and changeable. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service staff, and there will be dedicated technical staff to answer you.