Amazon agent operation

Zhushida Technology Co., Ltd. 


     Xiamen Zhushida Technology Co., Ltd. was founded by Amazon employees and employees of cross-border listed companies. The current members have 5 years of practical experience in Amazon and 7 years of experience in the B2B industry. Zhushida Technology has created six business areas of Amazon's agency operation Amazon training, brand operation planning, marketing planning, e-commerce talent output and overseas project incubation. The company's transformation has transformed its goal from expanding self-operated business to fully building the vision of China's first brand of cross-border e-commerce services

Amazon agent operation


Multiple operators have 5-6years of Amazon experience, and 3 of them have monthly sales of between US$800,000 and US$1 million. Some categories are self-operated. Learn about Amazon costs and pain points in each link, and save costs


Green channel for investment managers, related high-cost software, channels and resource sharing
Amazon agent operationWind control

Horse racing mechanism, Amazon will use a small shop to operate first after the new policy is released. The effect and impact feedback will be used to determine whether to use it in the customer’s shop.
Amazon agent operationEconomic

Gain insight into changes and grasp the latest information on the entire network, keep up with market changes, and adjust and optimize the direction in time

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            Years of operating experience

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          Five-star service

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Amazon agent operation

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   A company with complete processes

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