Amazon agent operation:Provide professional product operation plans and programs, relying on the million-dollar-level operation traders and teams, and provide customers with high-quality and efficient operation methods with mature product operation methods.


Amazon guidance:We have professional operators who have been engaged in the cross-border domestic e-commerce industry for more than four years, provide tailor-made operation empowerment training programs for customers in various industries, and are committed to cultivating high-quality and efficient operation teams for customers.


Overseas warehouse:Provide customers with cargo turnover, return of warehouses and exchange of labels, product testing, etc.


Amazon Business School:


Teach it to fish:The heuristic education that reverses the training method from the learning results allows you to learn and apply, think and solve problems independently after the class.


Make it simple:Simplify complex content and standardize simple content so that memory is no longer difficult.


Entertaining:The well-designed interactive teaching allows your colleagues who are breaking orders to reflect the value of the brand.


  • Join hands with Amazon to open stores globally and lay out the next-generation trade chain


  • High-quality consumer group, massive business opportunities

  • Fully open the top 10 overseas sites in North America, Europe, Japan and Australia


  • 300 million active paying users including Amazon Prime members


  • Significant global cross-border e-commerce traffic advantage

  • Cross-border e-commerce strategic support for Chinese sellers


  • Dedicated local team service


  • A variety of cross-border e-commerce marketing tools help you build an "international brand"


  • A comprehensive solution provider network for all aspects of export


  • Innovative tools to easily expand our international business electricity supplier


  • Rich online and offline e-commerce training resources


  • Comprehensive cross-border logistics and warehousing services


  • Diversified cross-border logistics warehousing solutions to optimize costs and choose the best solution